The 20 Best Parks in Barrhaven (Ottawa)

Nestled in South-West Ottawa, Barrhaven is a growing community that has a lot to offer for families of all ages. Kids in particular will enjoy the vast number of parks, playgrounds and soccer fields that the area has to offer. In this post, we’ll outline some of the most popular parks and greenspaces that you should consider visiting during your time in Barrhaven.   Read More »The 20 Best Parks in Barrhaven (Ottawa)

How to Choose a REALTOR® in Ottawa, Canada

Buying or selling a home in Canada can be a complex process. Since the market is constantly evolving, there are always new and unique challenges that you will have to face which could greatly affect your experience as a participant in the real estate market. As a buyer in a hot market, you might face intense competition when attempting to purchase a home which can make for a very stressful experience. As a seller in a cooler market, it could take weeks or even months for a buyer to come along who is willing to make a fair offer. These are just two scenarios that you might face but there are an endless number of unpredictable situations that may arise along the way. Demand and supply for homes, dictated by key factors such as interest rates will play a huge factor in determining sales prices. Read More »How to Choose a REALTOR® in Ottawa, Canada

Things to do in Barrhaven

Best Things to Do in Barrhaven, Ottawa (Recreation, Outdoors & More)

Located to the South West of Ottawa, Barrhaven is a suburb that is now home to over 103,000 residents and without a doubt one of the top communities in the nation’s capital for families to call home. The growth and development of the area has been accelerating rapidly, giving those who live there an increasing number of things to see and do. 

If you’re looking to take a deep dive and learn about all that Barrhaven has to offer, our full community overview details specific neighbourhoods within the area, including schools, parks and businesses you should know about.

In this post, we’ll outline the very best things to do in Barrhaven for those who may be thinking about moving to the area or for existing Ottawa residents who are looking to be a tourist in their own city!Read More »Best Things to Do in Barrhaven, Ottawa (Recreation, Outdoors & More)

Condo Home Inspections

The Condo & Home Inspection Process – Is It Worth It?

Have you been thinking about buying a home or condo? It’s important to do your due diligence when it comes to evaluating the present condition of a property that you may be interested in. You wouldn’t want to find out months after your move that the roof has been leaking, would you? A home inspection is a service conducted by a certified professional to thoroughly examine every material aspect of a property, both inside and out. It typically takes two to three hours to complete. 

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Ottawa Housing Market 2022

Ottawa Housing Market Report & Real Estate Prices (2022 Expectations)

With the new year underway, prospective Ottawa homebuyers have begun to shift their attention to the coming months as we approach the spring market. Since last fall, buyers have been facing an uphill climb in their attempts to purchase a home in Ottawa. It was a particularly difficult time for first time buyers seeking to enter the market at lower, entry level price points. Strong demand, coupled with record low inventory levels and continued concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in frustration for those who were hoping to make a move.Read More »Ottawa Housing Market Report & Real Estate Prices (2022 Expectations)

First Time Home Buyer Ottawa Guide

Ottawa First Time Home Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Deciding whether or not to purchase a home is a question that people in Ottawa are always debating. Young professionals seeking housing are currently the driving force behind the demand increase in the Ottawa area. For many, the dream of home ownership is difficult to achieve in the current market. A continuing supply shortage is putting upward pressure on home prices resulting in large down payments that has made for a frustrating situation.

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Best Ottawa Neighbourhoods

Best Ottawa Neighbourhoods to Live in 2023

The nation’s capital. A city that often gets dismissed for being a boring and sleepy government town has quickly become a highly desirable place for families to grow and call home. Ottawa has NHL and CFL franchises, is adopting a multi billion dollar rapid transit project and features Canada’s largest technology park. It’s also home to a diverse culinary scene, numerous beaches and hosts several popular festivals & events throughout the year.

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