Best West Ottawa Neighborhoods

Here are the top communities you should consider if you’re thinking about living in Ottawa’s West end including Kanata, Bells Corners, Nepean and Stittsville! 

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Are you thinking about living in Ottawa?  With growing communities, family friendly neighbourhoods, tons of parks, schools and amenities, the nation’s capital is a great place to call home. My name is Curtis Sernoskie with Royal LePage Team Realty – each day I work to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. 

#1: Kanata

Kanata is a vibrant and thriving community nestled in the heart of Ottawa, about 20 minutes west of the city’s downtown core. The real estate in the area consists of single family homes and townhomes, with 85% of the population living in this area consisting of homeowners. Most properties are 3 to 4 bedrooms. Families will find Kanata to be an ideal place to settle down. With top-notch schools, state-of-the-art recreational facilities, and family-friendly neighborhoods, the area provides a safe and welcoming environment for children to grow and thrive. The area boasts a stunning natural landscape, with lush green spaces, parks, and scenic trails. The community comes alive with an array of exciting events and festivals hosted throughout the year. Kanata is not only known for its natural beauty but also for being a hub of technological innovation. Home to numerous high-tech companies, startups, and research facilities, Canada’s largest technology park with over 500 businesses is located in Kanata. When it comes to shopping and dining, Kanata offers an impressive array of options.  From Kanata Centrum to Tangar Outlets, there are tons of amenities just minutes away from home.  For sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, Kanata has a lot to offer. Not only is the area home to the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, there are also tons of recreational centres, soccer fields,  golf courses and nature trails. Above all, what sets Kanata apart is its strong sense of community. Friendly neighbors, community initiatives, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere make Kanata a place you can truly call home.

#2 Bells Corners 

Bells Corners is a charming neighbourhood located in the west end of Ottawa. It’s known for its welcoming community, unique character, and small town feel.  Most of the real estate in the area comprises of detached homes and townhouses. The area prides itself on fostering a friendly and close-knit environment, where neighbours come together. The population of Bells Corners is only about 10,000 people. The area benefits from its convenient location, being situated near major transportation routes, making it easily accessible for residents and visitors, while being just minutes from Kanata and not too far from the downtown core.  Bells Corners offers a diverse range of local shops and eateries. From boutique stores to family-owned businesses, you’ll find a variety of options for shopping and dining.  Nature lovers will appreciate the parks and green spaces in Bells Corners. The neighbourhood features mature, tree-lined streets and parks. These green spaces provide a nice escape from the city life. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of recreational opportunities in Bells Corners, which is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, providing opportunities for activities like hiking, cycling, and picnicking. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the community spirit, explore local businesses, enjoy nature, or simply experience the unique charm of a historical neighbourhood, Bells Corners could be the perfect place for you to call home. 

#3 Nepean 

Nepean is actually a former city that has since been amalgamated into the larger city of Ottawa. It’s located in the western part of Ottawa and is known for its suburban character, excellent schools, and wide range of amenities. It borders the Ottawa River to the north and is surrounded by other neighbourhoods, including Kanata to the west and Barrhaven to the south. Nepean is predominantly residential, characterised by a suburban atmosphere and offers a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. The area is known for its well-maintained neighbourhoods. There are several highly regarded schools, both at the elementary and secondary levels. The area boasts a strong educational system, making it an attractive choice for families with children. The area features an abundance of green spaces and parks, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor recreation including Andrew Haydon Park and Bruce Pit, which are known for their scenic beauty and walking trails. Nepean offers a wide range of shopping centres and amenities.  Bayshore Shopping Centre is a major retail destination, housing a variety of top brand name stores and restaurants. Merivale Road is another commercial hub in the area, featuring a diverse range of shops, restaurants, and services. Nepean is home to several sports facilities such as The Nepean Sportsplex – a large multipurpose complex offering ice rinks, swimming pools and much more.  The area is well-connected to the rest of Ottawa through public transportation and multiple bus routes make it easy to commute to other parts of the city.  Nepean offers a suburban lifestyle with a wide range of amenities making it a desirable place to live for individuals and families seeking a balance between convenience and a suburban setting.

#4 Stittsville

Stittsville is a suburban community located in the western part of Ottawa and offers a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. About 70% of the area’s real estate consists of single family homes. It’s known for its family-friendly atmosphere and tight-knit community, offering a safe and welcoming environment for families, with excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Stittsville has retained its historic charm with a village feel. The main street, Stittsville Main, is lined with heritage buildings, locally-owned shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of green spaces and trails in Stittsville.  The community is surrounded by beautiful parks, such as the popular Walter Baker Park and the Trans Canada Trail, providing opportunities for outdoor activities like walking, jogging and cycling. Stittsville has a rich history that is celebrated through its heritage buildings and landmarks.  There are plenty of athletic facilities nearby as well – The Goulbourn Recreation Complex features swimming pools, fitness facilities, ice rinks, and sports fields. The Amberwood Village Golf and Country Club is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts.  Stittsville is a thriving community that combines the tranquility of suburban living with the charm of a historic village. With its strong community ties, picturesque streets, green spaces, and a range of amenities, Stittsville offers a wonderful place to call home for individuals and families alike.

#5 – Rural communities 

With some of the main suburbs in Ottawa’s west end out of the way, let’s talk about some of the more rural parts of the area. These include: Arnprior, Carleton Place, Almonte and Carp. If you’re looking to live in the country side, potentially on a bigger lot, these are some of the areas you should consider. Real Estate in these areas typically consists of larger single family homes in a rural setting. Arnprior: Arnprior is a town located along the Ottawa River, 45 minutes west of downtown Ottawa. Its known for its picturesque setting, historic charm, and strong community spirit. The town’s scenic waterfront and parks offer peaceful spots to relax and enjoy nature. Carleton Place: Carleton Place is a town located on the Mississippi River, about 40 mins South west of downtown ottawa, offering a blend of small-town charm, natural beauty, and modern amenities. The picturesque Mississippi River flows through Carleton Place, offering residents and visitors scenic views and recreational opportunities. The river is ideal for activities like canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Almonte: Almonte is a charming town situated on the Mississippi River, located about 40 minutes West of downtown Ottawa. It features historic mills such as the Mississippi Textile Museum and the Old Town Hall, which serve as reminders of the town’s industrial past. Almonte is surrounded by scenic landscapes and waterfalls, including the stunning Almonte Falls. The nearby Mississippi River provides opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and scenic walks along its shores. Carp: Carp is a small community located in West Carleton-March Ward about 30 minutes West of downtown Ottawa. It offers a peaceful rural setting and a strong sense of community with wide-open spaces, picturesque farmland, and rolling hills. The community offers a peaceful and tranquil environment away from the city. The Carp Farmers’ Market is a popular attraction in the area, showcasing local produce, crafts, and artisanal products while The Carp Fair is a highly anticipated annual event, attracting visitors from near and far.

So there you have it – in this post, we’ve discussed some of the top places to consider living in Ottawa’s West end. From Kanata to Bells Corners to Nepean, Stittsville and rural districts like Arnprior and Carleton Place, the city has so much to offer in the west end of town.

If you’re thinking about living in Ottawa, have questions about any of these communities, or would like to chat about the market please don’t hesitate to get in touch. For more information, please visit our website and let’s create a plan to help you achieve your real estate goals.