10+ Tips to Sell Your Ottawa Home in 2023

The better a home shows, the higher the likelihood that someone will be inclined to potentially write an offer. In this post, we’ll look at 10+ things you can do to enhance the appeal of your home before you list to ensure a positive homeselling experience. 

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The Ottawa real estate landscape is competitive and with new listings constantly hitting the market, it’s important for sellers to generate the most amount of interest in their property. For most people, selling a home is a massive undertaking and one that requires plenty of planning. Before you can leave one home and move into another, you’ll need to at least have a rough idea of where you’re going and when. That may sound cliche, but the entire process from start to finish can ultimately take months, depending on closing dates and how things get arranged. Sometimes, moving plans can be fluid. People may choose to wait until their home is sold before finding a new one, while others will make a purchase before they’ve even sold their existing home. All of this can cause a high level of stress amongst the parties involved. 

The thought of physically moving everything from one place to another can be exhausting and change does not always come easy. A move could mean a change in jobs or a new school for your kids. Moving can often be difficult from an emotional standpoint as well. People become attached to their homes through life events they have experienced, such as raising their kids or through close friendships with neighbours. 

Here are 10+ low cost things you can do to enhance the appeal of your home. 

Exterior paint: the first impression that someone has of your home is critical. In fact, as the saying goes – ‘the first impression is the last impression’. When someone visits the home in person, the front appearance will be the first thing they see. Touching up the exterior can go a long way in making things look new again. Items such as the front door, the garage door, hand railings, window trim and more can all be touched up with a fresh coat of paint or even a new colour. 

Show off staging areas: It’s a good idea to get rid of any items that you don’t plan on moving and to remove things that you no longer need. To increase the appeal of the living areas in your home, show visibly effective storage areas or dual purpose spaces.  

Prep the bathrooms: A clean and inviting bathroom is always a welcome site for a potential home buyer. You’ll want to create a spa-like atmosphere by rolling up the bath towels and presenting them in a basket. Deep clean everything from the toilets to the sink, bathtub, shower and all faucets. Add in some candles and lavender as a decoration for an added touch!

Interior wall treatments: Inside the home, you can easily touch up minor marks and scratches on the walls by using a Mr Clean Magic eraser to make their appearance new and shiny. 

Entertainment areas: Showcase liveability in the home’s entertainment areas by removing excess furniture to create more visible space. You can then organise the remaining pieces to create a functional, yet cozy area for watching movies, consuming media and entertaining guests. 

Windows / Trim: Consider hiring a professional power washing service when cleaning your home’s windows to give them a bright shine. The windows will be seen from both the exterior and the interior of the home and any signs of dirt could turn off a potential buyer so it’s important to make sure they show well. 

Exterior landscaping: Taking care of your home’s exterior will go a long way in providing a beautiful presentation of the home. In the summer months, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, rake any leaves and plant flowers to add some colour. In the winter, you’ll need to keep the walkways and driveway clear of any snow. Consider adding some low cost outdoor lighting to illuminate the garden and swap the lighting fixtures to a newer, more modern looking finishes if they look dated. 

Kitchen cleaning: In the kitchen, less is more. Keep the countertops completely clean of day to day items that you use frequently. Hide small appliances such as a toaster or blender and ensure that countertops shine bright – counters should be 95% cleared to showcase maximum available space. 

Fix hidden repairs: If there are any hidden issues inside the home such as a leak it will need to be addressed before you list. Everything gets uncovered eventually and if a buyer discovers them later on, it could place you in legal trouble.

General cleaning: To prepare your home for sale, the entire home needs to be cleaned. All flooring surfaces (hardwood / tile / carpet, etc.) along with baseboards, railings, walls and surfaces need to appear in very good condition for prospective buyers. Things need to look neat and tidy at all times throughout the selling process, even in places like the basement and garage. 

Preparing your home for sale certainly takes time and effort but is an important step in garnering success during the home selling process. At SERNO Realty, we can handle a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Our home selling packages offer complete home staging AND cleaning services included as part of our listing service to bring your home to life. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your home selling goals!